I'm engaged!


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Congratulations Mr. Sims. More curiosity abounds naturally, is this the girl the same one you were meeting up with back when I was in Chicago?

Most improtantly, is the engagment ring one of the Green Lantern variety?

But Holy Shit. Congrats dude.

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Thank you, everyone!

Okay, the details.

Though I've known her for several years, I didn't really start talking to Shana until last December. We bumped into each other at the Red Line stop near my work (which is where she goes to school), and we rode the train until her stop came up. Over the next few weeks we spoke via Facebook, then eventually over the phone. Shortly thereafter she asked me out on a date. There were a few of those, but for various reasons that aspect of our relationship was put on hold.

That didn't end our friendship, however.

From December through early June we spoke nearly every night. Over those months we really opened up to one another, and spoke about things that we've both never told anyone. On top of that, occasionally we'd flirt. One night, however, we both admitted that there were feelings. Very strong ones. That night we had a long, open conversation about us: what we wanted, our fears, etc.

The next day we went on another "first" date.

Then about two weeks ago, while standing in her kitchen, I very nervously told her, "I would marry you." Honestly, I expected it to scare her off, but I couldn't hold the feeling in any longer. It was worth the risk, however, because to my pleasant surprise she said, "And I would say 'yes.'"

That wasn't the proposal though.

This past Saturday, while eating dinner, drinking wine, and asking each other Trivial Pursuit questions, I put my card down, looked her straight in the eyes, and asked The Question.

She smiled and said, "Yes."

I wanted to make sure she knew I was serious, so I added, "This isn't a five-years-down-the-line thing. I mean this in a very concrete way. Will you marry me?"

She repeated her previous answer, but this time with a beaming smile.

And there we go!

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