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1) Holy shit!

2) I immediately wondered what Pandy was doing around rockets before realizing you were walking about the actor.

Actually I was referring to Pandy's meeting with a penguin from Batman Returns. Those penguins had rockets, I figured they'd want revenge.

Although it was surprising to find out there was an Andrew Wilson actor, only realised whilst watching Whip It the other day.

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Okay, I know there are some people on the forum that like the Green Lantern movie, but holy shit, that movie is fucking awful. It felt like there was a Green Lantern TV show in the 90s in another reality and some WB execs cobbled together a movie from a few episodes for our reality. Except, no, it was made a few years ago and somehow cost 200 million dollars.

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Michael Bailey and I were talking about it on Skype a couple of hours ago. I don't hate the film at all, but it just ought to have been better. It was too bogged down in excitement over the Geoff Johns crap that it forgot that the ring should be the most insanely cool, intriguing thing in the whole film. As a result, the movie ends up trying to come off more serious and have the audience get invested in things I don't care about. Explore the ring dammit!

I don't hate it, it's not the worst but it's unfortunately rather forgettable. Plus the two main leads were mis-cast.

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In my continuing efforts to re-watch every show I watched as a kid, I just finished Fox's 2003 show Keen Eddie. A cop show that is predictable, but with a charm and quirkiness that pulls it along. Only 13 episodes aired (massively out of order), yet I could tell you how the next five seasons would have played out.

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The top US movies of the Summer. (source: Reddit)


Now the Worldwide numbers.

1. Jurassic World - $1.65 Billion

2. Avengers: Age of Ultron - $1.40 Billion

3. Minions - $1.04 Billion

4. Inside Out - $734.5 Million

5. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation - $509 Million

6. San Andreas - $469.6 Million

7. Terminator: Genisys - $435.9 Million

8. Ant-Man - $387.7 Million

9. Mad Max: Fury Road - $374.1 Million

10. Pitch Perfect 2: $285.2 Million

11. Spy - $235.9 Million

12. Tomorrowland - $208.4 Million

Click here for the biggest flops.

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